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BeCountry is about passion: for good food, for authentic experiences, for the regions of Italy and the excellent products that they offer. We are a platform at the service of users who share this passion. We believe that farms are the beating heart of the Italian countryside, contributing work handed down across generations,
to craft the traditions and culture that make Italy a unique destination. At BeCountry, we are not just talking about 'companies', but about families, friendships, and the stories that we want to share so that they can continue to be told for as long as possible.

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Thanks to the experiences, you can learn about new farms and, over time, establish ongoing relationships with them. Grow your network of favorite farms where you can buy genuine products from local sources and continue to support long after your experience.

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BeCountry is a big family. We love food and wine from regions across Italy, and we care deeply about supporting local agricultural production. Live the experience: by sharing your story on social networks and leaving a review, you can help promote these small Italian farms.

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Here we answer your most frequently asked questions, such as the requirements for organizing an experience, the terms of the law, or the fees of the BeCountry service.

Come prenotare un’esperienza?
Ricerca la tua esperienza, seleziona il numero di partecipanti, scegli tra le date disponibili e procedi con l'acquisto dei biglietti. La tua prenotazione sarà valida per la data scelta, non dovrai contattare l’azienda agricola per la conferma. Potrai recarti senza preoccupazioni il giorno prenotato per vivere la tua esperienza.
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In caso di cancellazione oltre i termini è prevista una penale?
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