Cancellation Policy

The majority of the experiences are completely refundable until 2 days (48 hours) before the event occurs. Some experiences may have more restrictive cancellation policies, because they entail more demanding resources and preparation. In this case, the cancellation policy is always indicated on the experience listing.

When calculating 48 hours or any other terms, the starting time of the booked experience will prevail.

To cancel a confirmed reservation, simply go to Your Account, select the reservation and click the Cancel button. This action will generate an automatic refund which will appear within 5-10 business days on the account statement of the payment method you used to book the experience.

Sometimes a farm may be forced to cancel an experience (for example, due to severe weather conditions). Should this occur, BeCountry endeavors to contact the user promptly with an alternative date for the experience, or you can opt to receive a refund for the amount paid to the canceled experience

Cancellation of the reservation confirmed by the user

The standard cancellation process allows the user to request to cancel the reservation up to a certain number of hours before the start time of the experience.

The terms under which a cancellation can be made are always indicated on the site within the product listing. To proceed with the cancellation of a confirmed reservation, the user must access My Account

It is possible to cancel a reservation within the terms listed on the Experience Page and receive a full refund of the purchased tickets within a maximum of ten business days.

A cancellation request submitted by the user within the deadline listed on the experience page confers the right to a full refund of the purchased product. The absence of the user on the day and time of the event, not communicated within the terms expressed on the experience page, is considered a last-minute cancellation (a “no-show’) and precludes the right to reimbursement.

Cancellation of a confirmed reservation on the part of the Partner

The Partner is entitled to cancel the reservation if, beyond reasonable and ordinary conditions, it would be made impossible or dangerous by the advent of external circumstances beyond the Partner’s control, such as the confirmed emergence of a particularly severe weather event.

In the event that the experience is canceled by the Partner, the Partner must notify BeCountry, the user and/or the participant without delay, in the appropriate manner, provided that the method of contact can ensure timely communications.

If possible, the User will receive a bid to change the date or time for rescheduling the booked Experience (“Alternative Offer”), as the user has already purchased the product. Once the User has received the Alternative Offer, the User can:

  • accept the Alternative Offer, thus finalizing the new agreement and replacing the previous reservation with respect to the scheduling of the Partner’s service, and acknowledging the pre-existing financial contribution of the User;
  • reject the Alternative Offer, resulting in the dissolution of his or her contractual obligation and prompting the right to a full reimbursement of the price paid for enactment of the Experience.

If a User has requested to cancel an experience, and BeCountry has received confirmation about this cancellations from the Partner of the experience, BeCountry is committed to arranging a reimbursement for the User of the sum paid for the fulfillment of the Experience, by crediting the full amount to the original payment method. The reimbursement is provided by BeCountry in the name and on behalf of the Partner.

The Partner cannot accept cancellations directly from Users for Products purchased through the Platform. All cancellations for purchased Products must be made by Customers through BeCountry within the timeframe and terms established in the BeCountry Terms of Use.

BeCountry is not subject to any obligation to issue refunds in favor of Users who do not contact BeCountry to cancel within the established times. In the event of cancellation by a User due to uncontrollable events (‘force majeure’), BeCountry will be required to issue a refund only on condition that it has received sufficient evidence from the User showing that the event prevented the User from accessing the Product.

Lastly, the Partner has the right to cancel the experience, in the event that a minimum number of products purchased is not reached, which in any case can never exceed 30% of the maximum limit of products that can be purchased for a single experience. In these circumstances, the terms above apply.